January 17, 2011

The Man, Woman and Dog Scandal at Boracay

A link was shared to me the other day about a supposed quickie caught on tape(err, cam!) in the Island Paradise of Boracay. Here's the story. A caucasian man and his partner (can't say a girlfriend, who knows?) got intimate in between the boulders somewhere in Boracay. Someone sitting atop of the rock recognized what was happening and grabbed a video of the action. More than the tryst, the dog involved in the action is quite entertaining.

The woman doesn't look like a Filipina(local), but I may be wrong. With the huge number of foreigners in Boracay during the holidays, I wouldn't be surprised if the girl is also a foreigner or at least, Fil-foreign. And so they went into action, first standing and then moved around and then doggie style. Judging from the actions, the man is actually concerned that someone might see them. He kept on looking around while humping his partner. He adjusted their location/position every once in a while to keep their cover.

Here's the funny part. When the two went doggie style, an askal (that's a dog) came out of nowhere and began sniffing on the woman. The dog is on top of a big rock which the two used to cover their act. I'm not sure if the dog kissed the woman but that didn't stop the two from humping around. After a few seconds, the two moved a bit to go away from the dog and the humping continued.

After the tryst, the guy touched the head of the dog. I wonder what he said to the dog, the only living think he thought is the only witness of what has just happened. Unknown to him, almost everything is filmed (ok, recorded) and eventually seen my thousands of viewers.

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