September 11, 2010

John Lloyd - Shaina Magdayao Scandal

A lot of John Pratts fans must have been holding grudge against Shaina because of their breakup. Some of these people are spreading a rumor about a supposed incident wherein Shaina and John Lloyd were rushed to St. Lukes-The Fort (Taguig) because of Penis captivus. The dirty tactic(malicious rumor) was picked up by a tabloid reporter and then later by a radio show and then to blogosphere.

If there's anything to believe in the story, it's the part that John Lloyd and Shaina had some sexytime. What's new about that. right? I'll totally do Shaina if I get a chance and it so happened that John Lloyd has that exclusive rights to her now. So I wouldn't be surprised if they're 'doing it'.

As for the supposed Penis Captivus, it's a hoax. I remember there's a similar story in a town in Mindoro more than a decade ago. It involved a man's member got stuck in the G.R.O's vagina and then both died. I just can't remember how it was called but something like 'na-pawikan'. I didn't believe it then and that doesn't change even now. It actually turned out that the two were actually murdered. But the story of 'pawikan' is the one the stayed in the minds of the townsfolk because that's more interesting and scandalous than the fact that two people releasing their sexual tryst were killed.

In short, it's a HOAX! And as the saying goes, "NO PICTURE/VIDEO AND IT DIDN'T HAPPEN"

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