August 13, 2010

Tatang Bliss Scandal (Muntinlupa)

I've seen some pictures of the so-called "Tatang Scandal" or sometimes called "Bliss Scandal" because the persons involved are apparently from Bliss inMuntinlupa. It was brought to light by ABS-CBN's XXX though the videos have been doing its round in the interwebs prior to the XXX feature.

Here's an old guy who molested a minor student (15 years old!). The guy not only exploited the girl but also her older sister. And on top of that, he recorded all their encounters on video. And he did not stop at that because he blackmailed the girl for more free sex. Some may argue all these are consensual. Regardless if the girl enjoyed it or not, she was still a girl and he's an old ugly man.

Here's the video of the XXX episode.

Some said she's actually a G4H(girl 4 hire) but still, she's a minor. He deserved to be brought to jail. Heck, even the FAD Ninjas and Espiyas hates him they want to skin that old man to death.

As of now, I haven't seen the sexytime video yet but I've seen some screenshots. Yes, I know where to download it. The girl is beautiful, got a nice body, fair complexion, smooth skin and a big pair of boobs to boot. Apparently, she has a very beautiful face judging from the photos. All I can say is that old bastard hit a jackpot. Try to find the video here.

I just hope that stupid bastard land in jail for the rest of his life. I heard he's an ex-cop and here's hoping that his old black dick be decapitated when he lands in jail.

Quick Update:

  • Joel Lito Tionzon is the name of the old man. Didn't hear that the first time I watched the XXX episode.

  • "Anna" is a product of broken family

  • Apparently, the older sister was "game" as shown in part 6 of the video.

By the way, apart from bringing the girls to the care of DSWD, don't you think XXX aggravated the situation? I wouldn't have known about it if not from XXX.

Pinky Webb is gaining weight.

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