May 27, 2010

Did Jennifer Gumarang Commit Suicide?

Apparently, that's the case. But who knows? All we hear are hearsay. If she's dead, may she rest in peace. It's really sad that it happened to her.

For those who don't know, Jennifer Gumarang is the current talk of the town due to her sex scandal with a married guy. She's BDO teller in Isabela City. She's beautiful and has angelic face but her life was ruined by a selfish jerk who took a video of their thirst. That video somehow made its way to the net.

The reports are sketchy at best but here's some rumors that I heard.

  1. The Guy is married

  2. It is the guy's wife who uploaded the videos (IN YOUTUBE!!!!)

  3. She's supposed to assist a client to deposit money

  4. No one can tell if the client and the guy are and the same

  5. Jen is/was engaged to her boyfriend

That's all I heard. I don't know if any of it is true, if at all. Honestly, I'm hoping that the mainstream media will stay away with this scandal. It would only add insult to the girl's family.

I just don't know what comes to the mind of the people of take sexual videos. That guy is already very lucky to shag that beautiful girl. It's really sad. Really, really sad.

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