August 14, 2009

Maui Taylor Nude Pics at Jamby's Website

As I have said in one of the comments, I like to dig anything about Jamby. She brands herself as a champion of women and together with Bong Revilla, opened an investigation on Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili fiasco. A lot of us will argue that it's just a cheap attempt to get free media mileage. And where is that investigation now? We don't know.

But that's not the point of my post now. For a senator supposedly championing women's rights, you won't expect to see nude pics of celebrities on her campaign site, right? We'll, Jamby has proven us wrong again. The pink nipples of Maui Taylor is currently saying "hello to everybody" in Jamby's campaign website. Yes, my dear friends. There's a nude picture in Jamby's campaign website.

Here's the link (copy and paste)

The post is alleging that Mo Twister is the person who is distributing the pictures. It is claimed that distributing the photos is Mo's way of getting back at Maui for not submitting to his sexual advances. The photos are taken with Maui's former beau, Brian Revilla.

As a proof, she gave some samples. Want to see?

I think something is terribly not right. We might need another Senate investigation for this. Whatchathink?

Here's a screenshot of Jamby's website.


  1. Hm...pretty ironic that the post talks about anti-pornography and they are the ones spreading videos and pictures with nudity! STUPIDITY!

  2. BTW, i was talking about Jamby Madrigal's website!