August 15, 2009

Maui Taylor - Brian Revilla Scandal

In my previous post, we saw the screenshot of Jamby Madrigal's campaign website showing the silicon induced boobs and pink nipples of Maui Taylor. And yes folks, it's part of the sex photos and videos of the new scandal -- Maui Taylor and Brian Revilla Scandal. Apparently, it has find its way to the internet. I've "verified" a number of the photos already but I haven't got hold of the video.

Back when she was still part of the Forbidden Questions, Maui admitted that she and Brian had a sex video. She's pretty confident that Brian won't show it to others, though. I heard it before because when I was still in the Philippines, I listen to radio show on my way to the office every morning. And yes, I'm a fan of Good Times with Mo and Forbidden Questions even though I don't like Maui there(she doesn't speak much but she undressed in the studio and freaked out Mojo). Heck, I even wait for its ending in the carpark before I head to the office.

And back to the scandal, I DEMAND A SENATE INVESTIGATION ON THIS! And since I first saw it in Jamby Madrigal's website, she must be summoned by her colleagues especially by Bong Revilla. She may have been the source of all these. Hehehe.

Let's see what will the honorable senators will do.


  1. hahaha! senate investigation talga eh anak ni Bong ang involved! tsk tsk tsk