March 29, 2008

AOWA Scam : Beware!!!!

If you happen to come to this post through google, you must be scammed or almost scammed. Am I right? You are not alone. If you happen to pass by to check out whether the promotion is good or not, you are lucky (and smart, too!) to verify first before buying.

Here's the story... as recounted many times by countless people scammed by this bogus company called AOWA.

I happen to visit Ortigas Home Depot to buy floor tiles. As we were about to leave the place, I was approached by a young man asking me to see the demonstration of their product, the Induction Stove. I've seen this in the papers and was interested in it and wanted to see it in action. No, I don't have any plans of buying any as I just maxed out my credit card with the supplies for the house construction.

When we arrived at the store, I saw the demo and was really impressed. It was then that I was flanked by two gay agents and almost immediately, by another female agent. When I inquired of the price, I was so surprised that the induction stove costs a staggering PHP48000!!!! Damn, that's one highly expensive item from an unknown company. So basically, my interest dwindled.

It was then that they offered me a giveaway as a token of appreciation for coming over. As I list down my name and address for record/audit purposes, one of the homo agent screamed that I am qualified for their promotion since I came from Makati. I thought, what's the big deal? The bitch told me that if I buy one of their Foot Massager that costs PHP32000, I'll get the stove for free! And not only that, I'll also get the 15-piece stainless steel kitchen cooking wares and some whatnots. And in the midst of this frenzy, the loud gay agent said that at PHP37800 I can use credit card to buy the products at 12 months installment at 0% interest! It was then when s/he said that if I do that, he'll give the slimming massage belt and food chopper for free! Now that's a lot of products for PHP37800! But is it worth it? Absolutely not!

Here's my estimates of the price of each of the items in the package.
AOWA Foot Massager : PHP3,000.00 (being sold by 'apple-a-day' house-to-house vendor at PHP10T)
AOWA Induction Stove : PHP10,000.00(being sold at probably by someone scammed by aowa. hehehe.)
AOWA Stainless Steel Kitchenware : PHP5,000.00
AOWA Pressure Cooker : PHP1,500.00
AOWA Slimming Belt : PHP3,000.00
AOWA Food Chopper : PHP1,000.00

Total : PHP23,500.00

And to give you some idea on how they price their products, here's what I can remember. May not be the exact amount but it's within range.

  • Water Purifier : PHP38000.00 (A similar system sells at PHP1600 at ACE Hardware)

  • DVD Home Theater : PHP53000.00 (Whow, I can buy a Sony 39in LCD with that comes with a free home theater system!!!)

  • Home SPA system : PHP32000.00(Duh!! My sister bought this at less than PHP5000!!! four gives!!!)

  • Vacuum Cleaner : PHP36000.00 (what?!!!???!!!!)

  • Microwave Oven : PHP48000.00 (they say that you can roast a chicken with it, grill a fish on aluminum foil and even use styrofoam without melting!!!! But at that price, I can buy several heavy duty microwave from reputable brands)

So, did you really win or scammed? Follow the discussions at

I hope lightning and thunder will strike them in the near future.


  1. do you know the real meaning of scam?

  2. What is the real meaning of scam?

    In my opinion, scam is something that taken from you which has NOTHING IN RETURN. Its either money, personal things or properties.

    A confidence trick or confidence game, more often known as a con, scam, swindle, grift, bunko, flim flam, stratagem, or scheme, is an attempt to swindle a person or people (known as the "mark" or sometimes "griftee") which involves gaining his or her confidence.

    Example of Scammers;

    Born in the 18th century

    Gregor MacGregor (1786–1845) – Scottish conman who tried to attract investment and settlers for a non-existent country of Poyais[4]

    Born/active in the 19th century
    William Thompson (active in 1840–1849) – US criminal whose deceptions caused the term confidence man to be coined[5]
    Lou Blonger (1849–1924) – organized massive ring of con men in Denver in early 1900s[6]
    Soapy Smith (1860–1898) — confidence gang boss, who operated in Denver, Colorado; Creede, Colorado; and Skagway, Alaska
    George C. Parker (1870–1936) — US con man who sold New York monuments to tourists[7]
    Scotty (1872–1954) a prospector, performer, and con man, who was made famous by his many scams involving gold mining and the iconic mansion in Death Valley, popularly known as Scotty's Castle
    Joseph Weil (1875–1976) – one of the most famous American con men of his era[8]
    Horace de Vere Cole (1881–1936)
    Charles Ponzi (1882–1949) – Italian immigrant into the US; "Ponzi scheme" is a "get rich fast" fraud named after him[9]
    Victor Lustig (1890–1947) – born in Bohemia (today's Czech Republic) and known as "the man who sold the Eiffel Tower"[10]
    Canada Bill Jones – riverboat gambler and card shark

    Born/active in the 20th century
    Eduardo de Valfierno – Argentine con man who allegedly masterminded the theft of the Mona Lisa in 1911
    Bernie Cornfeld (1927–1995) – ran one of the greatest scams in history which was later realized to be a Ponzi scheme[11
    What is Modus Operandi?

    A process whereby it uses a deceptive technique to fool or deceive people by taking what he/she has owned.

    What is promotion?

    Promotion involves disseminating information about a product, product line, brand, or company. It is one of the four key aspects of the marketing mix. (The other three elements are product management, pricing, and distribution.)

    Promotion is generally sub-divided in the textbooks into two parts:

    Above the line promotion: Promotion in the media (e.g. TV, radio, newspapers, Internet) in which the advertiser pays an advertising agency to place the ad
    Mid line promotion: Promotion within the organisation (e.g. [to promote the workers working within the organization. to increase incentives etc...])
    Below the line promotion: All other promotion. Much of this is intended to be subtle enough that the consumer is unaware that promotion is taking place. E.g. sponsorship, product placement, endorsements, sales promotion, merchandising, direct mail, personal selling, public relations, trade shows


    Its up to you to understand the difference.

  3. same thing happen to me, may drama pang u won! and they even called remote people to verify the giveaway winning code.. but without batting an eyelash, i said no to the offer

  4. to Jigz, do YOU know the meaning of scam? It is a deceptive or fraudulent act or operations.

    If one thinks buy selling something and bloating the price to over 1000% is a marketing strategy? I guess only an idiot would think so, or a scammer maybe?

    Can't stop laughing at your post, that's a good one :)

  5. Hahaha, just read in the aowa website, it seems this jigz guy is the site admin there, no wonder he promotes this scam...oops i mean "marketing strategy" hahaha idoit

  6. what do u feel about that??its not only that but they always approch people to support their promotion.they will tell im only the person who get lucky on that seem like unbelieveable but i ask my friend bout that then i know the turth.everyone is lucky but aowa's product are made from china.

  7. Yesterday, I was at Makro, before reaching the entrance door, i was approach by the Aowa agent and told me lucky daw ako that day and marami pa syang mga sinasabi..while he was introducing to me mga items nila, napapansin ko na mga kasama nya.. . as if they’re making script sa mga sinasabi nila..sabi ko agad..It’s too impossible that they will just give me the 3 products for free! Huh! So sabi ko, deretsahan na nila sabihin sa akin ano drama nila..Hhmmm nakakadala mga games nila, mabuti nalang I was guided.. while mga agent nila, sobrang drama na, ako naman iniisip ko, imposible talaga promo nila ganun? Eh kahit na nga mag sale sa Mall, they have to be sure na hindi sila lugi..Eh sa promotions pa lang nila na ibigay lang sayo for free ang mga yun…bah..malaking amount na tinapon nila.
    Thank God… hindi ako nagpadala…I just told them I will call my sister first if ok ang AOWA..she just replied, HINDI NYA ALAM ABOUT THE PRODUCT HOW GOOD BUT what she heard is the negative feedbacks came from other people na na dramahan din nila. And sabi din ng kapatid ko, hindi na din sila nag pa renew sa DTI.. As a respect, kasi sabi ko, i’ll pass by after ko mamili sa Makro, so after that, dumaan ako and sinabi ko lang hindi ako kukuha.
    Pero sana for them, maisip din nila, the more na gagawin nila yun, the more na bumabagsak name ng AOWA. Their approach and promotions are not good.
    Paano nalang yung nadadala kaagad…Kawawa naman, di ba?

  8. Thank God di ako nagpadala dito. Just happened today here in GT Tower. They were offering me to buy the Microwave for 48K with the other two products (inductor cooker and hood for 96K total) for free.

    Funny thing is they asked me how many years have I been in Metro Manila. I said ten. Coincidentally, it was also their ten years promo (or so they say); thus, excitedly (with patapik pa sa braso, tili) congratulated me.

    Good thing really I was hungry at that time (and my order was already served); that I have to excuse myself (after four attempts!!) cause I am becoming dizzy with both of them talking...Salamat sa aking kagutuman...hehehehe...

  9. Oh dear, that happens in the Philippines too? Similar, um, "marketing strategy" has been applied by the company here in Indonesia. Their con activities has gone international, it seems ;-).

  10. same thing happen to me. Very exact situation. what an Idoitfull "marketing strategy"! thanks for the post.

  11. hello everyone... my mom was a victim of that aowa too.. imagine that scenario they were using just to victimize those innocent minds... unluckily my parents were ones of their victims...oh my.. when i learned that my mom purchased something from their company... sympre i blew my horn... ayun na nga.. the foot massage ano ba yun di namin nagamit..ung massage belt di rin,,,, well, ung pressure cooker.. try to imagine this ha..paggamit namin di na gumana..that was the firt time to use the appliance,, ginawa nila pinalitan... ung microwave and tindi.. i just used it twice..hahahaa... di na think these products are bought 2 years ago...where's the justice there...????people????

  12. They tried the same thing to me today...even said they would call the main office to see if they could give me another item for free since I was the first customer from Novaliches that day. The person on the other end of the line told me that I would get there stove top for free...that the only thing they asked in return was for me to take it home and promote the item to my friends when they see it. Then the salemen got back on the phone and he said the manager told them to give me not one other item but four other items and the only thing I had to do is buy one item at 48,000. Then he asked to see my credit card...told me that they had another special that if I used my visa card I would get another item also and asked if he could take it and get approval...after I said no...he said ok pay cash...when I told them I didn't have 48,000 cash on me...the gay salesmen threw down his clip board and told another guy to try his luck. The next guy offered to pay my interest on my credit card if I purchased it that day...I was like ok give me money now...he just laughed it off. So I was like do you think I'm a fool...I know the tricks of the game and look how fast each of you walk away when you know you can't fool someone. The thing is I liked the stove top burners...and would have thought about buying it...but now that I know this company does what they do...I will tell everyone what a peace of crap there product is. To me a bunch of people should get together and make the company give the product they claim is free and that the main office tells people they are getting to promote. Its just like false advertisement! They give verbal confirmation they are giving away the product as a promotional 10 year anniversary.

  13. @jigz - nice "promotion" hehehe

    scam is not just having nothing in return stupid!

    but all your other description of a scam best suits your AOWA product..gaining the client's confidence then selling them something that is not worth the lets say a cooktop amounting to 48000 pesos!!

    you guys are pathetic!! preying on unknowing clients most especially the old ones. i have seen your act of "winning prizes" and "promotion" all i can say that it is pretty annoying!

    anyway AOWA is not made in Japan just type AOWA in google. those guys say AOWA made in Japan but its not sold there..i wonder why? no contact info of AOWA company legit company maybe? no factory too i bet!

    oh and yeah! DTI has closed down most of AOWA branches..i wonder why DTI doesnt approve of your "promotions"

  14. hahaha. gosh... with all the scream from the sales agents? i think i was hit with this at Lim Ket Kai Mall in CDO. i just bought my DSLR with a gay approached me.. of kors wala na ako money nun. then the same modus operandi, induction cooker, massager, cooking wares... etc.. in the price of (i forgot, since that was last november).. grabeh.. pareho tayo ng experience.. waaaaaaaaaaa. SCAM pala talaga.. may pinatawag pa sila sa celpon that i was qualified for a promo since i am not from CDO.. i will be the first one daw to avail this promo from our city. waaaaaaaaaaa.. ngekngek nila.

  15. same thing happened to me... bad trip talaga... pano ko kaya masusuli ang mga items then get my money back? help naman o

  16. Hi

    I am the recent victim. I live in Malaysia and saw these guys pulling me into their stores with promotion in Jakarata. U know how this conversion logic, very crazy.. I got confused 5 million for 500 thousand Rupaiah..I was thinking I am really getting very cheap.. I didn't even thought I am paying so much untill bit late after my money is swiped in credit card... so i was thinking I am getting induction heater, cooker, over for 40 Dollar but was paying 400 Dollar.. ahha!! stupid things happens in life somethings..

  17. hehehe, same thing happened to me and my wife at home depot ortigas. they first started introducing their home theater system worth 100k, then when they sensed that i'm not interested cause the sound quality is not not good they showed us their other products.

    first the induction cooker, i admit at first i was fascinated. but when i knew the price 48k+ i was disappointed and i started to go, so now their strategy came, they read our address, then asked us if how many years i'm a resident in that particular city, because they are looking for an endorser for their products.

    after that they say we were qualified and they will give us the induction cooker+cooking set that was worth 96k. but first we have to buy the water purifier worth 48k, which is too much.

    after sensing that still we are not convinced, they used another strategy, they said that they have a training which will be held in boracay and the agent that approached us have to reached his quota in order to be sent to bora, hehehe, i think thats a desperate move just to close the deal. at the end we turned our back and say NO.

    i just cant believe that some companies use this type of marketing strategy. what a F...K.!!!

    one more thing, before we went out of the showroom, one customer complained about the product they bought, i think its about the price, and the lady was very angry and started to shout...


  18. hey guys, thanks a lot for your comments. i saw these guys selling aowa but i totally ignored them because i was at home depot ortigas for specific purposes and didnt have time to waste talking to gays. anyway, since i dont know how to cook, i forgot the need for a kitchen in my condo unit...and i was taking care of that when my friend who accompanied me to home depot ortigas said that there was an interesting induction cooker i might like and she gave me a flyer on it... i noted that there was no address or tel no i could find on the leaflet...for additional information... now, i know why... they do not like to be traced later.... he he he

  19. Nabiktima rin mother ko ng AOWA promo na gimik nila na "you won at napili ka bilang endorser ng AOWA". Ang style nila is aaliwin ka sa maraming mga items na isa-isang nilalabas worth P48,000 daw un pero dahil maswerte xa, P20,000 nlng bbyaran nila at pwede byran ng installment using my mother's credit card. When she hesitated, kinulit xa ng kinulit ng sales lady to a point na nabigay ng mama ko un credit card nya thinking na hndi raw isaswipe un at ttwagan lang ang card company to check kung qualified pa un credit limit ng mother ko.pero naswipe na pla nya. But right there and then pinacancel un transaction at wlang items na nabili. Until now hind pa rin nila nakacancel un amount sa card company. Nagpapalusot lang ang AOWA na kesyo wla pa raw ang Credit Reversal Memo from the bank. Anong mabuting gawin ng mother ko?

  20. I was almost victimized by these idiots; here in Davao City I saw them at Gaisano south ( former JS Gaisano) they said that I was one of the lucky customer blah blah blah and I almost fell for it they said that if I buy the water purifier system at 48000 they would gave the convection cooker, microwave oven, Juicer, food processor for free however it was still expensive, buti na lang hindi ako nagpadala , dami talagang manloloko

  21. Check nyo tong site na to guys.

    DTI-NCR Slaps Formal Charge Against Aowa and HomeSonic

  22. I was ashamed to myself that i was trapped to this AOWA dealer people. Indeed! they were so quick to convinced you that you don't have time to think. I thought that day...May 10 2009 is my lucky day but instead it is my bad and unlucky day. The same tactic they did to me and i paid 2 items worth 91,600 pesos with all those so called other items that is only free. After a day of buying it, I had a bad feelings about this and so i looked this AOWA at Google and this i found it! i'm backed now to abroad and bye bye to my money. God will punish them!!!


  23. Hi everyone! my bf and I just came from GBELT 1 and had an encounter about this scam!!!too funny bf andf I were exchanging looks and just laughing at their sales techniques. they offered to give everything!!!just to buy the foot massager..LOL. (by the way, it was a nice 20 minute foot massage FOR FREE!!! LMAO!! I'm in sales so I know what they're doing.. we felt kidnapped sitting there..LOL but it was a good thing that my bf and i love each other so much and so we managed to understand each other just by eye to eye contact! LOL hahah cant stop laughing..and we're also glad that we are not stupid and we're just advocates for thinking things over before buying..and we wanted to see if the freakin massager had any we went for a walk and we were like it's too good to be true...actually we had to tell them that we're going for a 5 minute walk in national bookstore in gbelt..but actually it was an escape plan..there is a back exit towards gbelt3 that heads towards the other side of the while we're here we went straight to this internet cafe and checked the company out and saw all these scam thank you to all who posted their messages and stories..we remembered and trusted our instincts..IF IT's TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE...IT REALLY IS.. thanks!!!but why are these people still allowed operating in malls??? so many were scammed right?anyway, hope they get what's coming to them..ciao!

  24. I went to IFEX @ SMX with my sister, we were approached by AOWA sales rep. for a free bag...but then pinutakti na kami ng mga demo and freebies for the water purifier I am interested.

    Using the same approach...Visa/ Master/ BPI card, lucky customer, 10 years anniversary, living in Manila etc. Sensing wrong with their marketing approach I made all the alibi I could pero they won't let you go!!! They did everything to make me a sucker for the items laid on the floor...gosh! It's like hitting a gold mine for half the price! But hey, NOTHING IS FOR FREE anymore. Magpatulong ka nga lang gusto pera na or magpa snack na agad eh.

    In the end luhaan lang yung mga sales rep.ang asim ng mga mukha when I finally said no. Never mind the hell kumita lang sa panloloko.

  25. BEWARE! it almost happened to me in Mall Taman Anggrek Jakarta on May 24, 2009.

    They did all the tricks mentioned already:
    1. Made me felt that I was a lucky winner from the coupon I drew, and the "sales agents" cheered me and gave me high fives and all,

    2. Offered to throwing in freebies they said worth hundreds of dollar,

    3. Called somebody who was supposed to be based out of one of Jakarta's big electronic stores to check the stove availability etc)

    PLUS - and I loved this! -

    4. They asked whether I would mind if they made me their model in one of Jakarta's female magazine!!! ....hmmm... who could resist being famous? they even told me that I would receive a ROYALTI from my photo in the magazine, in the amount equivalent to US$800!!

    The catch is I was supposed to 'help' their promotion by purchasing one of the Category A products. The range included: induction stove at US$ 1000 (what???), vacuum cleaner at US$ 750 (huh??), a set of cooking pots at US$ 750 (sure..) and some other stuffs.

    Good thing I had my blackberry with me and quickly googled it -- only to find these postings and some other similar comments by victims in the Philippines and Indonesia.

    So, beware! I learned from other site that the supposedly monthly installments they said they were going to charge, was actually charged upfront as a lumpsump.


  26. ako rin yesterday,almost got victimized by these loud "gays" (they seem like guys trying very hard to sound like freaking gays, actually). when they approached me, I immediately told the guy "I'm not gonna buy". Ok lang daw just listen and they'll give me the free bag. So I did, since I was killing time anyway. Same thing- 10 years residing in LB, etc. they even asked for an ID showing my address that indeed I live in LB. SO I gave my driver's license. then one by one they showed all these "prizes" that I was so lucky to have, just bec Im the lucky customer in laguna! 1 customer lang daw ang pipiliin nila in laguna. Again I kept asking them are you sure pwede ko na ito iuwi ngayon, e wala naman nga akong bibilhin? They kept on saying yes, kasi nga lucky customer daw ako. Wag ko lang daw ibebenta yung mga freebies. I listened for another 10mins or so, while they were explaining the features of the items that I can take home "on sponsorship". When one of them dropped the words I've been dreading to hear, na "if you buy this item for 48k, you will get all the other items for free", at kung may mastercard or visa daw ako, dun ako nagalit. I shouted at them, "ay naku pinagloloko nyo ako, I specifically told you na wala akong bibilhin from the very beginning, and you led me to believe that I was going to take home all these items for free! Ipapapulis ko kayo! False advertisement! Intentionally minimislead nyo ang mga tao!" then I took off.

    So my question is the same as the others before me, how come they're still allowed to promote? What can we do to stop them from victimizing others? I'm planning to go back to South Supermarket tomorrow and show these blogs to the management, and hope that they will pull out AOWA from their store, based from the negative experiences posted here.

    Good thing I was still thinking straight yesterday, and good thig I never showed them my credit card, in a flash pala isaswipe na nila yun? tsk tsk..I pity those who have been victimized.

  27. Thanks for your sharings!
    One quick question, can you still return the product (with freebies) and get your money back?

  28. I just bought a Nokia E71 in SM Megamall for more than 20K and I saw a posting of the same kind in for only 12K... do you think I was scammed?

    just thinking out loud...

  29. I was a victim somewhat. I pay through check dated tomorrow. I will call my bank tomorrow to cancel the check and told the aowa freaks to get there items on my house. This is somewhat a fuck up day for me. I was somewhat scammed and i was angry that an establishment like greenbelt could be the place where it all happened. To DTIs, you useless retards should do your job. We are the tax paying workers and I demand you do your job to protect us.

  30. Nakuha n ng mga AOWA ungases yung ala kwentang product nila sa bahay. I paid nothing since I was paying postdated check and cancelled the trans before maturity. Grabe talaga ton DTI, mga useless bastards, ang dami ng kaso wala pa rin nangyayari sa harap harapan na pangloloko na 2. Sa GREENBELT 1 MANAGEMENT, mga busiwit KAYO JAN. Paalisin nyo yang AOWA sa mall nyo, PURO KAYO MGA MANLOLOKO! WAG NA KAYO PUMUNTA SA GREENBELT! BOYCOTT NYO YUNG ESTABLISHMENT NA MAY AOWA! PUTA KAU!o

  31. to the buyer of nokiaE71, no you were not scammed. nokia is an established company, and their prices in malls are pretty much standard. unlike if u buy from, you dont really know where the product came from (could be stolen you know), not sure about its authenticity (made in china or elsewhere), most likely you'll have limited warranty (or none at all), or seller is selling it cheap for SOME reason, and it's your job to know why.

    so you research and compare the facts, assess the risks, before you finally decide to buy.

    unlike aowa, they trick you into buying their overpriced stuff, they victimize customers through lies, they have a well-rehearsed script meant to fool people, to rob them of their hard-earned money. these people will have negative karma one day, im sure of it..

  32. ---downloaded from manila standard, dunno what year nga lang---

    Appliance store in hot water for ‘deceptive’ sales

    By Elaine Ruzul S. Ramos

    The Department of Trade and Industry has filed administrative charges against mall-based Aowa Electronic Philippines for violating Republic Act 7394, or the Consumer Act of the Philippines.

    The DTI, through its Consumer Welfare and Trade Regulation Group, has received numerous complaints against Aowa for alleged deceptive sales activities. The CWTRG looked into these complaints to detect patterns.

    Acting Trade Secretary Adrian Cristobal Jr., who also heads CWTRG, said under the Consumer Act, sales are deemed deceptive when there is evident misrepresentation of facts.

    A sale is also considered unconscionable when the seller, distributor, manufacturer or supplier takes advantage of the consumer’s physical or mental infirmity, ignorance, illiteracy, lack of time or the general conditions of the environment or surroundings to induce the consumer to enter into a sales deal that is grossly one-sided.

    A sales act is unfair when the price of the purchased item grossly exceeds the price of similar items in the market.

    The first hearing was set on May 19 but postponed to May 23 after Aowa sent an unauthorized representative. DTI rules provide that only authorized personnel may appear before DTI hearing officers to ensure companies that are subject of complaints are properly represented.

    The DTI’s Bureau of Trade Regulation and Consumer Protection received 97 complaints against Aowa from 2001 until the first quarter of this year. Out of this, 69 are considered closed cases after Aowa agreed to give refunds to customers or rescind the contracts. Four have been dismissed; 10 were elevated to the DTI’s Office of Legal Affairs; and nine are pending.

    Based on the complaints, Aowa sales people are stationed strategically at lobbies of malls to seek prospective clients. They offer promotional coupons/vouchers for corresponding chances to win Aowa-branded appliances for free. Upon closer evaluation of the promotion, complainants allege that they actually pay for these so-called freebies.

    Complainants who have been lured into Aowa outlets also cited the overbearing presence of Aowa sales people. For instance, one immediately finds a customer swarmed by sales personnel upon entering the store. This, as claimed by several of the complainants, have affected their decision-making.

 All rights reserved.

  33. nokia is a reputable company, don't compare it naman with aowa. aowa cant even afford to rent a permanent stall in the malls! aowa is intentionally deceiving customers! mga walang kunsyensya.. this company will die a natural death..

  34. to the victims, report to DTI!

    return the products to the AOWA branch you bought them from, and DEMAND a full refund!

    make a scene!

    do something !

    unless it's really ok for you to part with your hard-earned money just like that..

  35. i wonder what the malls get in return?
    are they simply pretending not to know of aowa's deceptive "marketing strategy"?
    have we gone too low as a nation that we just turn the other cheek even if we're aware others are being victimized by this company?
    i hope the storeowners are reading this..
    don't be a part of this deception..

  36. im just a victim a while ago, grabe scaM!!! this was in market market

  37. 4 me karamihan kc sa mga pilipino akala nila niloloko sila..,hindi din nman sila nkikinig sa mga sinsabi ng mga dealer ng aowa,.ang kapal ng mga mukha.,,ano kayo mayayaman or mayayabang lang?????

  38. why single out filipinos when there are blogs from jakarta too? just goes to show that aowa's deceptive ways are "universal"

  39. For those who were apparently "victimized" and did not return the product have you tried and evaluated them yourself?

    In fairness to these products and items... maybe they are that good and trying to make a standard for pricing...

    A good example is Mont Blanc ( or Vertu (, couple of years back these companies were already selling their initial products (Mont Blanc - watches, Vertu - Mobile phones) at unbelievable prices. It was not a 'scam' due to their unbelievable prices, people who bought them believed and made them who they are right now.

    The only thing that bug me really is why cant they just sell it with the REAL price... if people will love it, they will advertise it.

  40. Just want to post my story about this scam. I also fell to their deceptive sales tactic and purchased their products for P48800 last May 14. When I found out that same day that they have a DTI case, I returned their products the next day and demanded for reversal. Pero nakipag-away muna ako sa kanila for them to reverse the transaction that same day because they were telling me that reversal will happen Monday pa. Bottomline, I was successful naman. But the story didn't end from there because I received a call from their unprofessional manager last May 16, telling me to inform the South Supermarket Management that they already resolved my complaint. Ayoko madamay pa sa conflict nila ng Supermarket, so I refused to be involved. Yun pala they were banned na kase by the Supermarket to operate 1 day after I filed my complaint. Buti na lang the Supermarket acted so fast. I was even told by the AOWA manager that if they will file legal proceedings against the Supermarket for terminating their contract (they have a 1 month contract pala and 2 weeks pa lang ang nagagamit nila though they already paid the leasing fee in full), idadamay daw nila ako for reporting straight to the Supermarket. That I violated a certain RA law daw for that. Sila pa ang may ganang manakot. Funny talaga sila. They were trying to blackmail me para lang pumayag ako na kausapin ang South Supermarket not to terminate their contract anymore. Buti na lang talaga the Supermarket was on my side. By the way, I saw in one of the posts here about AOWA's booth at South Supermarket in Laguna. From what I know, South management terminated AOWA's contract also in other South Supermarkets including that of their Laguna branch. It was a management decision daw which they imposed May 16 since my complaint was filed in their Head Office. So they should no longer be operating in a South Supermarket branch effective May 16. Hope this info helps.



  42. nagpunta kami ng family ko sa 168 mall sa divisoria, then may mga group na nag alok nga ng product na yan as in kahapon lang july 24, d naman ako naniniwala sa mga sinasabi nila kc too good to be true. until nagttwag twag sa fon etc at parang scripted ang mga sinasabi ng kesyo ang dami daming promo na binibigay at nkpaga labas ng 6 products if bibili kami ng isang product, ung pinaka murang price nila which is 37k plus e wala na.. so un tag 42,800 ung nabili namin nawater ion chuvanes na madaming sinasabi... ayoko tlgang bumili nyan my bf was mag iinvest kc para sa aming bahay.puro tlgang mang loloko itsura ng mga un. sad to say nka purchased kmi ng worth 42,800 ang mga binigay e ung stove ng d ka dw mapapaso, preassure cooker na digital na pwede rice cooker, juice maker, ung mga sandok na stainless,electric fryer etc. hayyyy nkakalungkot. sana naman d kmi nabiktima but its too late. nkakapanghinayang.. super bola pa sila sa mommy ko at bf.. ako lang d nila mabola kc naka simangot nako. prang nitemare sa isip ko ung mga muka nila. punyeta!!!!

  43. i just heard about this scam early this morning sa radio july 25, 2009 apparently si vp noli de castro na victimize din. point is if their products are industry standard, di sila nanloloko but if these angry bloggers are saying na below standard ang nabili nilang products then buyers who've been duped should fight for their rights.


    WE ALSO HAVE THAT ONE HERE...Had the same experience ... so hinay-hinay lang.

  45. my dad was sucked in this messed with aowa 8 years ago in old rustans bldg in araneta center cubao. they made my dad believe he won items but my dad didnt realized he got punked in buying overpriced items. i immediately get these items back the day after. they wont return the money so brought the assholes to the security guards and they brought them to the police station where i filed police complaint. then they asked for a meeting in their office warehouse somewhere in mandaluyong. there they made a committment not to reimbush my money. good thing they did not issue a bir official receipt so in two weeks time i was able file complaint in bir quezon city and dti makati. within the next 2 weeks they set up a meeting in dti makati where they gave me the money and i returned their piece of crap. unfortunately dti did not do anything about the others. kawawa naman. i used to cursed these aowa people at the mall but i think the malls should banned them.

  46. hay naku....minsan kasi hindi marunong makinig....tsaka may pagkagahaman kasi.....intindihin kasi ang napapasukan na sitwasyon....tulad ng scam daw ano dahil mas mura yung e71 sa at nabili mo mas mahal taz iisipin mo na scam k? at Nokia pa? nakakatawa naman....gamitin kasi utak para maintindihan ang pinapasok nyo....

    if my comment will not appe

  47. Someone says their products is a crap....the question...have you tried their product? do you have one?...if come you said that its a crap?....or you cannot afford to buy it haha....

  48. check nyo ito

    pati bise presidente ng pilipinas, nadale!

    at kay anonymous sa taas, ok lang na hindi ko ma-afford yun. maraming mas importante na pwede paglaanan ng ganoon kalaki pera.

    ikaw ba yung bakla na nagtitinda dun? hahaha

  49. nkabili ako ng aowa product.,worth 42800 foot massager w/induction cooker and rice cooker yesterday.,ok nman xa.,matagal ko na tlagang blak bumili ng product ng aowa.,when i was in their showroom i ask their staff about sa mga complain ng mga client sa internet.,and then pinaliwanag nga nila skin ang lahat.,nagbibigay tlaga sila ng offer at di ka nila pipilitin na bmili.,kung ayaw mo ok lang sa kanila.,pero kung makuha mo yung offer nila,.hindi ka nila makakalimutan.nakasabay ko din yung costumer nila na binabalik ung product,.pero hindi sa branch nila nag purchase,mas malapit lang sa kanila ung branch kaya dun nya nlang binalik,.i was so happy kasi nkatulong ako sa branch nila na mkabenta kasi yung costumer na nagbalik ng product...........kinuha nya ulit........hahahahaha....ang galing di ba,.,she told me na ako nlang daw ang magbigay ng comment about here,.,wag kayo maniwala sa iba jan na di rin naniniwala sa product na di ni alam ang nagagawa..

  50. good for your, anonymous. *turo sa taas* sana ay mapagaling ka nyang foot massager mo.

    but you know what, their foremost problem is the deceptive sales tactics that they are using (not only in the philippines, ha) Another thing is that their product has no marking on where it is made (should be made in china?). if you look at their product closely, they are knockoff of known brands.

    In fairness to DTI, they did something about this and Aowa is just lucky to get a TRO. The case is in the court of appeals now.

  51. Hey it seems that your mocking the Chinese you know that the motherboard of your computer you are using right now is assembled in china....most of the assembly of electronics is now in China and it is the fastest growing economy.From the power supply of your laptop up to the calculator that you use is assembled in China. Have you tried their product? Do you know I think your one of those people who are ignorant about China production. Don't you ever mock China's assembly line...... .l.

  52. I'm certainly not mocking Chinese products. The product is touted as "Made in Japan" eventhough there's no visible markings. I also know that AOWA is being supplied thru Alibaba which to me, suggests that Aowa is made in China and not in Japan.

    And where's the mocking of China assembly line there?

  53. supersawsaw..........bkit parang galit na galit ka sa aowa company???nakabili po ba sila??//

  54. ahehehe.. kaw ba, kapag may nakita ka na nanggogoyo ng tao, hindi ka maiinis? hehehe. tingnan mo mga posts ng mga nakabili.

    I feel for people who work for aowa. kelangan nila ng work kaya nandun sila. kapit sa patalim, ika nga.

    If you read my posts, I don't single out aowa. It just so happen na ang aowa post ang pinakamaraming nagko-comment. pero admittedly, I love to pick on jamby. hehehe.

    and to give you an update, yung branch na pinagbilhan ni kabayan noli, ipinasarado na. tas sabi daw ng home depot, nde na ire-renew yung lease nila sa iba pang home depot stores.

  55. naku try nyo namu mga products ng aowa ok bago kayo mga judge. magagaganda naman mga products nila saka quality rin. nasa paggamit lang naman yan ng tao. ang maganda pa sa kanila mga service center sila yung iba company wala nga e.

    kung hindi kayo satisfy sa unique way ng pagbebenta nila e isauli nyo nalng ng maayos mga products nila hindi yung nagtatago kayo sa mga forum na ganito.

    para sa mga may pera lang at nakakaintindi sa tinatawag nilang marketing strategy ang tamatangkilik sa aowa.

  56. ou nga lahat saka lahat naman ng company may mga baho yan.

    tayo kasi may freedom tayo magsalita kaya lahat pwede namin sabihin gaya nalng ng comment dito panay negative. saan naman kaya napunta yung mga positve comments? naku kung alam ko lang binira na ng web master yun kasi sya mismo hindi nakakaintindi sa tinatawag nila "marketing strategy"

  57. guys watch for your words. scamming? what is scamming? you get something when you have scammed? ows...c'mon.

    kaya mahal yan mga products nila kasi branded yan. international. gayas ng elba diba.

    kung nga noob kayo sa mga products ang backgrounds ng mga company shut ur mouth nalng noob.

  58. History

    The first known usage of the term "confidence man" in English was in 1849; it was used by American press during the United States trial of William Thompson. Thompson chatted with strangers until he asked if they had the confidence to lend him their watches, whereupon he would walk off with the watch; he was captured when a victim recognized him on the street.[1]

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  60. MANILA, Philippines – Two men claiming to be sons from a previous marriage of Arlene Sinsuat de Castro, the wife of Vice President Noli de Castro, yesterday filed several complaints against her before the National Bureau of Investigation.

    Jhoveenel Ombus Olor, 34, and his brother Arjurie Omar, 33, both of Calamba, Laguna, filed complaints for bigamy, perjury and falsification of documents against Arlene.

    Vice President de Castro and his wife refused to comment on the cases, saying they would just let their lawyers respond to the charges.

    Accompanied by their lawyer, the brothers claimed Arlene’s marriage to their father Juanito Olor was “still valid and subsisting” when she married Manuel de Castro Jr. on July 16, 1991 in Cotabato City.

    “At the time she executed her marriage with Manuel de Castro Jr. she did so by perjuring her statement and falsified said document,” the complainants said in their joint affidavit. The complainants provided xerox copies of what they said were Arlene’s supposed two certificates of marriage. One showed that Arlene was married to Olor on Nov. 17, 1971 at the Manila City Hall.

    Both marriage certificates stated she was single at the time of their execution.

    Lawyer Vladimir Bugarin, counsel for the complainants, said there were no documents to show that Arlene’s first marriage was annulled before she married De Castro.

    The brothers said they decided to file complaints against Arlene because they wanted her to acknowledge them as her children.


    “She abandoned us when we were young. I think I was then 5,” said Arjurie. He said he and his brother were left in the custody of their father, who was an overseas Filipino worker, so they grew up in the care of their grandfather.

    “We just want her to straighten things out,” Arjurie said. He added that his search for their mother began when he saw her name listed in the end credits of a television program. Arlene was the former vice president for current affairs for the television network ABS-CBN.

    “I thought the name was quite familiar. It reminded me of my mother’s name. So we went to ABS-CBN to confirm this, but she wouldn’t talk to us,” Arjurie claimed.

    The few times they saw her, he said, Arlene asked them to just call her “Babo,” the Muslim equivalent of “Tita.”

    Arjurie also said they were hurt when they found out that Arlene had legally adopted a relative as her daughter.

    “Nag-ampon siya samantalang kaming tunay niyang anak ayaw niyang kilalanin (She was able to adopt, but she won’t even acknowledge us as her children),” he lamented.

    The complainants said they had nothing against De Castro.

    “This has nothing to do with politics. We could have come out in 2004 when he was running for vice president, if this was our motive,” Arjurie said. “We’re not after the money or anything. We just want to be acknowledged. We are just fighting for our rights.”

    De Castro told the Inquirer he knew Arlene had two sons and a daughter from a previous marriage. “This is too personal. My wife and I will just let our lawyers answer the charges,” he said. With Cynthia D. Balan

  61. tinan nyo lahat naman may baho hays ang kitid ng utak nyo.kaya kayo hindi umaasenso e

  62. yung may ari ng website na ito kung alam ko lang pera lang katapat mo. kaso hindi ka nila binabayaran wahahahaha

  63. anonymous, kailangang bayaran mo muna ako para mapatunayan mo yan. mwahahahahaa!

    nakikiramay ako sau dahil bilang na ang araw ng mga aowa. bwahahahaa. hanap na lang ng bagong raket!

  64. hi hir...,,,,home depot lang naman yun..,marami pa namang branch ang aowa,buti nalang marami pa rin yung mga nakakaintindi na tao kaya tuloy tuloy pa rin ang operation nila.wala pa ring pagbabago lahat excited mkita yung induction cooker nila... tama nga yung mga sales person ng aowa kung meron silang ginagawang masama bkit sila matatakot na mag promote ng mga product nila??ang galing ng mga media ha kasi nagkaroon ang aowa ng free xposure ng logo nila sa t.v abs cbn pa.....hahahahahahahha.................................................................mga aowa agent wag kayo matakot sa kanila.,mga naninira lang yan,.basta ako naniniwala ako na maganda ang mga product nyo.,basta pag bumili ulit ako meron pang additonal item ha.,,,tnx

  65. inihatid namin ang isang apo namin na magaaral sa Adventist University of the Philippines sa cavite,since na plano naming magpatayo ng bahay, para pagnagretire kami meron kaming tutuluyan dito sa pinas,pumunta kami sa home depot,namili ng mga gamit,ganoon nga ang nangyari katulad ng mga na-scam sabi nyo nga,bumili ang asawa ko,dinala namin dito sa america ang massager,alam nyo bang napapagaling noon ang sakit ko na paralisis,kanina lang sumumpong ang sakit ko na di makalakad umupo lang ako at nagmassage hindi na ako pumunta sa ospital, guminhawa ang pakiramdam ko,bago kasi kayo mangungutya ng kapwa siguruhin nyong tama ang mga bintang nyo,binili ng asawa ko yon intended talaga para sa paralisis ko.Well una sa DIOS,pangalawa sa naimbentong massager hindi na ako gumastos sa ospital ng $55,000 para magtherapy at magpatingin sa doctor.Salamat IOWA sa ibinenta mo sa amin,congratulation and good luck marami pa kayong matutulungan na katulad ko.

  66. aowa KUPAL na kumpanya,kasama ko sa mga bazaar ang mga yan,pati mga tauhan kakwentuhan ko araw araw,di daw bababa sa 2M ang benta ng kada branch every month,TALAGA DAW PANLOLOKO ANG GINAGAWA NILA PARA MAKABENTA,eto pa maganda sa mga story ng mga ahente,di daw bumababa sa 20k ang commision nila kada buwan bukod sa allowance na 150 a day at free lodging,YUNG INDUCTION COOKER NA 48K,BINIBIGAY SA AKIN NG 15K RESERVE LANG DAW,PERO IUUWI KO NA,HEHEHE,MUNTIK NA DIN AKO,KASI NGA 48K DAW YUN,





  67. Oh, man. The article really shows that our VP really needs some more common sense. It's obvious that when some sales rep is trying to dupe you into buying something you have honestly no clue about, the wise thing to do is to try and get some more information about it first before plunking down the cash.

    Unless sobrang galing ang mga sales reps na yan, to which I doubt, since kung talagang magaling sila, they would've been hired into bigger and better companies.

    But then, I guess our VP and his chief of staff still have their wits at them by opting not to use their credit cards.

    Siguradong talo na yung Aowa sa kaso nito. Alam mo naman sa 'pinas, palakasan system ang umiiral dito. Kahit na if ever manalo pa sila, sira na rin reputation nila.

  68. Gotta love Aowa!
    Three things that struck me after I read Noli de Castro’s experience with appliance maker Aowa:

    1. Men are more gullible when it comes to special appliance deals.

    2. The Aowa reps had the balls to pitch to the Vice President. Who cares if the DTI issued a closure order against the company for violating the Consumer Act? Sure, the case is still under appeal. But you don’t help yourself when you sell to the second highest government official. Ballsy move. Go Aowa!

    3. The fact that the Aowa reps “showed photos of themselves with other famous buyers like Sen. Edgardo Angara and former basketball star Alvin Patrimonio.” I assume the head office provided the photos and it was a different group who handled the transaction.

    This is a company that has received numerous complaints since 2001. The head office could have stepped in to avoid the extra attention. Yet, they still pursue the deal regardless of the repercussions. You have to give them props for that.

    For those not familiar with the story, your favorite VP was convinced by Aowa reps to purchase several items when he was at Home Depot’s Macapagal Avenue outlet. The reps informed VP that he would get free items if he buys a P48,500 microwave. And he did. VP is now bitching and asking Home Depot owners to stop selling Aowa products.

    Just an idea, why not ask the Aowa reps to represent the government during peace talks? Or ask the reps to form a management agency? Such a waste of talent.

  69. I like your point of view, Anonymous. I must agree that they have the balls to do it. But we don't know if their manager would have loved to do it, though. It could have been a wrong tactical move for them.

    And yes, We can have better use of these agents. * though I heard human sacrifices are also good ingredient in making concrete bridges. maybe they fit there better. *

  70. sayang ang boto ni noli sa election.,,,,,,sirang sira na xa sa madla ng taga aowa....kahit akong costumer nagtataka sa ginawa ni noli sa kanila..,napasara nga ang aowa home depot branch pero panu xa nkatulong sa mga tao???na mismo ngang mga kumukutya sa aowa eh yung mga taong dapat di iniintindi..dahil di din cla marunong umintindi.kay nya kayang bigyan ng trabaho ang libu libung empleyado ng aowa???or pakainin ang mga pamilya nito??buti nasikmura nya ng di nya iniisip yung ginagawa gagawin pa sa mga empleyado ng aowa..VP NOLI san po ang pang unawa at tulong mo sa mga kababayan nating pilipinong DUKHA at di katulad ng ibang mayayaman.,,SAAN??

  71. katulad ng iba nating mga kababayan na nabiktima rin ng AOWA ganon rin ang nangyari sa amin noong august 2,2009(5:00pm.)Gaisano City Bacolod,nagbakasyon kami ng pinas at naloko ng kapwa filipino.,,nakakahiya na kahit foreigners niloloko nila.,,yong style pare-pareho lang hanggang sa makumbinsi kang magpakita ng credit card pagtulong-tulungan ka na nilang lokohin.,,pumirma ang asawa ko dahil sabi nila puede installment at sa loob ng isang taon,..but then we find out the next day august 3, the full amount of(59,800 php)kinuha na nila.,, ganon din sila kabilis manloko. I´ll just wanted to remind people worldwide that BEWARE!!! when you heard this name AOWA!!

  72. comgratulationss anonymous!!!!im so proud of you..very very proud,,dahil dyan itatak mo na sa noo mo na isa kang hamak na tunay na TANGA!!!!!!dahil dyan may award ka din sakin called KARMA AWARD....mam,pumasok po kayo at kasali po kayo sa di NAKAKAINTINDI festival.,,hahahaha..xmpre credit card yung ginamit nyo kaya kukunin po yan ng straight dun sa ginamit nyong card.kahit san po kayo pumuntang store walang kukuha ng montly charged yan noh..kahit 100k pa i purchased nyo,pro may option ka kung gusto mo ng monthly payment.,tumawag kayo sa credit card comp,nyo kung pwede ka mag request ng monthly sa purchased amount nyo na 59800..kung di sila pmayag well sorry..but kung oo pabor sa inyo,,.ikaw nman miss kung makahusga ka naman ng kapwa mo parang di ka kmakain ng bigas.,what did you eat ba since mka pangasawa ka ng foreigner??

  73. To anonymous of Gaisano. mababawas po sa available balance yung buong amount pero yung ibi-bill kayo ng equal monthly amort.

    well, that is kung tama yung pagkaka-process nung aowa. kung mali, tawag na lang kayo dun sa credit card company.

    so better check with the credit company.

  74. hi hello po?kmuzta nman jn,.ok n rin yun atleast db my mga investment kna kagad>ang mali kz sa ibang tao pag my ngsabi or may nrinig n kung anu ano bsta nlng pki2ngagn?anu kya yun my pnagaralan b yan?kgaya nlng ni vice president bmili nga xa pero bkt klngan nya gwin sa isang company ang mga gnun n bgay?the question is bkt sya bumili ng products ng aowa?syempre kya sya bmili ng unit kz ngustuhan nya db?endi nman cguro sira ulo pati yung secretary nya db?mgaling lng cguro yung agent na ngbenta sa knila?ala nman msama cguro dun sa gngwa nla kz endi nman sla ngna2kaw or nanu2tok ng baril sa customer pra bumili sla ehhhhh?cguro yung mga gnun n tao mga black minded lng cguro cla kz endi nla msyado naintindhan ehhhhhhhhhh hayyy naku cgue po>?

  75. to johnny manlangit, thanks at nabasa nyong post ko,.. kung isa ka ring sales agent ng aowa buti pa ngayon na mag iba ka na ng way dahil wala kang future jan, magsisi ka lang,cguro nga napakataas ng share ninyo pag may nadali kayo, ano kamo? ..galit lang talaga kayo dahil totoo naman hahah! Salamat naman sa itaas at akoy kompletong lumabas sa mundo ng kahit akoy hindi makapag-asawa ng foreigner ay makakain pa rin ako ng bigas na galing sa sariling pawis at hindi sa panloloko! Kung may KONSENSYA kayo sana hindi sa ganoong paraan....,marami na akong naririnig at nababasa about AOWA, tama na para malaman namin lahat.

  76. may tumawag sa kin.nanalo daw ako ng face massager.pano nagyari yon?may bumili daw sa tutuban mall.pano na naman nagyari yon eh hanggang festival mall lang ako.pano din nalaman yung landline number ko?nung di ako pumunta tumawag ule.bakit daw di ko kinukuha yung free item ko.sabi ko taga muntilupa ako.pwede ko raw kunin sa festival mall.hehe!bakit sa lotto di ako hindi ko sinalihan nananalo ako.

  77. palagi din akong nakakatanggap ng text na nanalo daw ako ng kotse at isang milyon.tapos sasabihin call atty.hernandez hehe!ako na nga nanalo dapat siya yung tatawag.lagi kong iniisip na kapag wala akong sinalihan di ako pwedeng manalo.kaya yung ganung text di ko pinapatulan.di ko din pinatulan yung free face massager.sigurado may catch yon.wala namang magbibigay ng libbre ng walang kapalit.dapat lang talaga mag-isip ng mabuti.wag magbigay ng impormasyon na magagamit nila.

  78. more than ten years ago medyo naloko din ako ng mga immoral marketing strategies na ganito. (though im not sure if the company was AOWA). anyway, i was sent a letter congratulating me for winning a price. they didn't specify the price pero it says in the letter than it can range from glasswares to expensive home appliances. my price will only be determined if i go to their place and claim it. So i went there office in Riverbanks Mall in Marikina. I showed them the letter and immediately asked for the price. Pero sabi nila, medyo matagal daw i-process ang aking winning kaya mag-ooffer muna sila sa akin nang mga products like foot massager. Pero i just said NO and ignored the salesman. I was only around 16 years old then and talagang bata pa itsura ko at mukhang walang pera kaya the salesman felt discouraged and didn't bother to do any more 'sales talk'. He just gave me the price and i bid goodbye. The price was a lousy set of glass plates, yun parang napapanalunan sa mga perya. BWAHAHA! ok lang, at least may libre akong mga plato, which i gave to my yaya kasi she needs it more than we do.

    kawawa naman un mga nawawalang ng datung because of evil companies like AOWA.

    people, please dont be fooled by things too good to be true!

  79. more than 15 years ago medyo naloko din ako ng mga immoral marketing strategies na ganito. (though im not sure if the company was AOWA). anyway, i was sent a letter congratulating me for winning a prize. they didn't specify the prize pero it says in the letter than it can range from glasswares to expensive home appliances. my prize will only be determined if i go to their place and claim it. So i went to their office in Riverbanks Mall in Marikina. I showed them the letter and immediately asked for the prize. Pero sabi nila, medyo matagal daw i-process ang aking winning kaya mag-ooffer muna sila sa akin nang mga products like foot massager. Pero i just said NO and ignored the salesman. I was only around 13-14 years old then and talagang bata pa itsura ko at mukhang walang pera kaya the salesman felt discouraged and didn't bother to do any more 'sales talk'. He just gave me the prize and i bid goodbye. The prize was a lousy set of glass plates, yun parang napapanalunan sa mga perya. BWAHAHA! ok lang, at least may libre akong mga plato, which i just gave to my yaya kasi she needs it more than we do.

    kawawa naman un mga nawawalan ng datung because of evil companies like AOWA.

    people, please dont be fooled by things too good to be true!

  80. ang panloloko depende sa taong kausap mo at depende sa pang unawa mo makinig kang mabuti kung ano ang sinasabi para di ka maloko. pagsinabi ba ng taga aowa na magpakamatay ka gagawin mo yun? ikaw ang gumagawa ng buhay mo sagot mo kung ano ang kalalabasan nito

  81. tama ka dyan...we have our own responsibility.


    kahit anung pilit bastat ayaw mo huwag mo ibigay ang credit card mo. Minsan kaya mo binigay kasi may interes ka sa offer nila di ba!

    WALANG MANLOLOKO KUNG WALAG MAGPAPALOKO not unless syunga syunga ka......





  83. I just want to share this experience with you and hope that somehow This will serve as a warning to all.
    This afternoon, I went to the mall with my 2 half american kids. May lumapit sa amin na kunwarin ay namimigay sila ng product as form of advertisement dahil bago daw ang store nila. I told him that we were in hurry but he said that it's only going to take a minute, just go to the store and sign for the promotional product wich is an umbrella. Itong anak ko, gusto konin dahil umuulan ngayon dito sa Pilipinas. Noong nandoon na kami sa store, he then showed us this AOWA cookware, and wanted to show some more, sabi ko nasaan na 'yong payong, so he said he is going to get it, tapos pumasok sa office. Medyo natagalan sya, then he said to open the umbrella to test if it is working. Noong binuksan ng anak ko, meron nahulog na papel, then he said that I have won something but he still needs to verify it. Tapos, bigla na lang lumapit 'yong mga sales associate at nag congratulate sa akin dahil, ako daw yong product endorser nila, anyway to make it short, they made me believe that I won 2 appliances totaling around 75,000.00 pesos but I have to purchase a product in order to get it. I was told that it was an on the spot offer and they will have to give the promo to someone else and that, lima lang daw sa whole Philippines ang maka avail ng ganoon. To make it short, they ran my credit card to the amount of 32,800 pesos for a foot massage. I left the store to go to eat, but did not take the products with me, after i ate I realize that I was taken, so I came home, to google search, AOWA appliances, and found out that this is an on going scam. Right now , my sister is helping me to cancel the transaction, but I am felling very stupid, considering this happen in front of my 2 foriegn kids, in our beloved Philippines .
    hehehee.. dati nong wala ako magawa.. at meron sila promo na 2 tickets sa sine..

    ang ginawa ko ni avail ko yong promo..yon nga lang.. kailangn makipag debate pa ako sa knila
    ng todo todo..since wala naman ako gngawa during that time ok lang...yon nga lang kailangn wag ka mag lalabas ng any information sa knila..

    if you know how to debate and me time ka .. mananalo ka sa knila..

    Bad thing sa knila ..I showed them a expired credit card..:devil:
    They dont realize na exprired..
    Then umuwi ako meron ako 2 passes for movie and napaglibangan ko sila hehehhee