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AOWA Scam : Beware!!!!

If you happen to come to this post through google, you must be scammed or almost scammed. Am I right? You are not alone. If you happen to pass by to check out whether the promotion is good or not, you are lucky (and smart, too!) to verify first before buying.

Here's the story... as recounted many times by countless people scammed by this bogus company called AOWA.

I happen to visit Ortigas Home Depot to buy floor tiles. As we were about to leave the place, I was approached by a young man asking me to see the demonstration of their product, the Induction Stove. I've seen this in the papers and was interested in it and wanted to see it in action. No, I don't have any plans of buying any as I just maxed out my credit card with the supplies for the house construction.

When we arrived at the store, I saw the demo and was really impressed. It was then that I was flanked by two gay agents and almost immediately, by another female agent. When I inquired of the price, I was so surprised that the induction stove costs a staggering PHP48000!!!! Damn, that's one highly expensive item from an unknown company. So basically, my interest dwindled.

It was then that they offered me a giveaway as a token of appreciation for coming over. As I list down my name and address for record/audit purposes, one of the homo agent screamed that I am qualified for their promotion since I came from Makati. I thought, what's the big deal? The bitch told me that if I buy one of their Foot Massager that costs PHP32000, I'll get the stove for free! And not only that, I'll also get the 15-piece stainless steel kitchen cooking wares and some whatnots. And in the midst of this frenzy, the loud gay agent said that at PHP37800 I can use credit card to buy the products at 12 months installment at 0% interest! It was then when s/he said that if I do that, he'll give the slimming massage belt and food chopper for free! Now that's a lot of products for PHP37800! But is it worth it? Absolutely not!

Here's my estimates of the price of each of the items in the package.
AOWA Foot Massager : PHP3,000.00 (being sold by 'apple-a-day' house-to-house vendor at PHP10T)
AOWA Induction Stove : PHP10,000.00(being sold at probably by someone scammed by aowa. hehehe.)
AOWA Stainless Steel Kitchenware : PHP5,000.00
AOWA Pressure Cooker : PHP1,500.00
AOWA Slimming Belt : PHP3,000.00
AOWA Food Chopper : PHP1,000.00

Total : PHP23,500.00

And to give you some idea on how they price their products, here's what I can remember. May not be the exact amount but it's within range.

  • Water Purifier : PHP38000.00 (A similar system sells at PHP1600 at ACE Hardware)

  • DVD Home Theater : PHP53000.00 (Whow, I can buy a Sony 39in LCD with that comes with a free home theater system!!!)

  • Home SPA system : PHP32000.00(Duh!! My sister bought this at less than PHP5000!!! four gives!!!)

  • Vacuum Cleaner : PHP36000.00 (what?!!!???!!!!)

  • Microwave Oven : PHP48000.00 (they say that you can roast a chicken with it, grill a fish on aluminum foil and even use styrofoam without melting!!!! But at that price, I can buy several heavy duty microwave from reputable brands)

So, did you really win or scammed? Follow the discussions at

I hope lightning and thunder will strike them in the near future.
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