April 9, 2014

Why You Should Stay Away from SWA

I'm not sure about you but I'm already sick and tired of the Supreme Wealth Alliance (SWA) posts showing on my Facebook page. Likewise, I'm already tired of manually reporting SWA posts to Facebook. At least, Facebook now has that feature but it became too time consuming. Make no mistake about it, I have relatives that are members of this. I don't hate the people, just hate what they are posting.

November 22, 2013

Has Mar Roxas Lost His Mojo?

I cringe whenever I see Mar Roxas on TV in the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda. They are definitely working hard but whether they do it effectively or not is a question. The operation looks too disorganized they admitted there's no ground commander for the operation. I wonder why but I can only speculate on pride,  grandstanding and simply politics!

August 17, 2013

Jinggoy and Bong And Their Lame Excuses

I can't believe that Jinggoy just said that as a senator, it is not their responsibility to check if the NGOs they are supposedly endorsing for their PDAF are bogus or not. Let's quote his exact words.
“It is not up to the senators to determine whether an NGO is bogus or not…Alangan naman na kami pa ang magsasabi na, ‘Uy, bogus ‘yan.’ How will we know?”

April 30, 2013

Whom Shall I Vote for Senator on May 2013

The Overseas Voting is already open at the Philippine Embassy here in Singapore. I'll go there this coming weekend to exercise my right. Well, it's not just my right but it's also our responsibility to our homeland as responsible citizens. But I have one problem.... I don't think I'll be able to fill up the whole 12. Another problem? I don't want Nancy Binay to win so it's all the more I need to fill that 12 slots with winnable senatoriables. But more on that later.

November 19, 2012

Sotto et. al.

Whenever I see Sen. Sotto on TV,  I can't help to think of Christopher Lao and Paula Salvosa. Actually,  if I see any of them,  the other two suddenly come to mind. To be specific,  it's their stupidities that come to my mind. It's not about what they initially done but more on how they try to twist the situation and make them look right that makes me cringe.

See,  Christopher Lao would not have been ridiculed by the netizens if he did not react the way he did. For those who forgot,  Chris Lao is the guy who drove his car into an obviously flooded street. When interviewed by a reporter,  he blamed everybody around for not informing him. Yes,  everybody else other than himself. He became the laughing stock of Filipino netizens for quite some time. If he accepted that he made a wrong gamble,  then the reaction would have been better. I would have even sympathize with him.

For the case of #AMALAYER, she took a wrong turn and was confronted(rudely as she claims) by the lady guard. She could have just followed the instruction but then she felt she's a higher kind of being than the lady guard and decided to make a scene. Some guy videoed it and uploaded to YouTube. Then she became a 'celebrity' .  To top it off,  she maintains that what she did is just right because the guard was rude.   She was trending for at least three days in twitter - WORLDWIDE. If not for the twitter war between Hamas and IDF,  AMALAYER would still be trending now.

And then there's Senator Sotto.  Caught red handed using a number of copyrighted materials on his speech without attribution,  he responded by retaliating to those who pointed out his mistake. Instead of sincerely apologizing to those agrieved,  he is trying vainly to convince the people that he did nothing wrong. That made him so pathetic. Had he accepted that he did not properly attributed the works of those he copied from,  then the issue must have been done and over with.

But instead,  this issue is very much alive up to now. He recently caught the attention of the family of Sen. R. Kennedy.  Kerry Kennedy even sent a letter about it. Signed,  with letterhead and all the bells and whistles from a respected organization.

He made a pseudo-apology on the senate floor. Little did we know that he's preparing a retaliation. A few days later, Sotto is now attacking the late Senator because supposedly,  the American statesman also plagiarize works of others. I don't know his motives there but that's plain stupidity for me.

I'm hoping that the electorate will give what's due to him this May 2013. He better pack his belongings in the Senate because people will not vote for him. Actually,  he does not deserve to be there in the first place.